Full title

Design and development of a system for assessing the efficiency and protection of water and land for the institute of natural resources and the state agency agrobiología the higher council of scientific research.

Project “RECOVER 2020co-financed by FEDER (Programa Operativo Fondo Tecnológico)


The overall objective of this study is to evaluate the flooring industry from the point of view of efficiency of the use and protection of water and soil, including a current diagnosis of the sector and impact analysis, Impacts and Climate Change on soils of Andalusia.

The specific objectives and results of the work are:

  1. Characterize the current state of farms in Andalusia.
  2. Analyze the water needs of Territorial Units for proposals.
  3. Analyze the risk of soil contamination.
  4. Development System Decision Support “andaland” for evaluating the efficiency of the use and protection of water and soil.
  5. Diseminate results.

Finalization date

December 2015