European Hydropedological Data Inventory (EU-HYDI)


The objective of the joint effort of the participants is to establish the European Hydropedological Data Inventory (EU-HYDI). The database holds soil properties with a special but not exclusive focus on hydrological properties, i.e. soil moisture retention and hydraulic conductivity as functions of matric potential. Its main purpose is the calibration of pedotransfer functions (PTFs) for predicting soil hydrological and other soil properties at the European scale. Other applications are also foreseen. Therefore, it holds various other soil properties associated to the same samples that can be used as predictors in the PTFs and for other applications. Annex A gives an exhaustive list of those properties.

The creation of the database requires experts to collect existing hydropedological data for ANADALUSIA (SPAIN) and to format them according to the EU-HYDI specifications.

Finalization date

October 2012