The CLIMALAND platform is presented as an I+D+I initiative with a marked global and transnational interest that aims, based on previous experiences in the regional territory of Andalusia, to establish a robust, reliable, validated decision support system and flexible that, through the information of soil, climate and management of various agricultural crops of interest, serve to evaluate the storage capacity of organic carbon in agricultural soils. It is an initiative that has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through a call from the IDEA Agency. The platform consists of interactive software and explanatory documentation that can be useful to researchers, educators and technicians interested in the use and sustainable management of soils, with special reference to the Mediterranean region. This system consists of three interactive modules:

– Carboland application to predict the capacity of carbon sequestration in soils of agrarian systems in the current scenario and global change.

– E-learning platform.

– Networking platform


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Start date

14 Octubre de 2014


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