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Evenor-Tech, (a limited company) is a Technology-Based Company and belongs to the sector of ICTs applied to land use planning. Under a multi-disciplinary approach, we provide a combination of technical and R+D services to contribute towards advanced and sustainable land management. Furthermore, we provide specialised information and advisory services to both public and private entities.

Evenor-Tech develops interactive land databases related to soils, climate, land management, etc, as well as research and applies evaluation models to determine land capability and vulnerability in current and global change scenarios. Our services are continually updated and enhanced, as we strengthen our service provision through collaboration agreements with universities, research institutes and enterprises in the sector which enable us to develop vanguard solutions tailored to our customers’ objectives and based on the principles of sustainability and biodiversity.


Technological solutions for suitable soil use and protection that employ the most up-to-date technology.


we provide advanced training and awareness-building programme on Soil Science, Environmental Studies, Agriculture and Territorial Organisation.


With more than 30 years’ experience in specific Information Technology for soil evaluation, is at the forefront of the sector


Evenor-Tech is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with wide-ranging experience in land management

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Our geo-Information department aims to provide solutions to spatial problems of managing environmental information in order to organise existing knowledge so as to achieve a comprehensive management system for all natural resources while also taking into account the requirements laid down by soil and environmental regulations

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Sustainable production systems

Evenor-Tech provides soil and crop evaluation by using precision technology to achieve more efficient agriculture. We use information technologies that enable us to define land areas for farming or for alternative purposes, as well as to evaluate productivity and the impact on traditional crops of precision farming

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Eco-system studies

A core part of these studies is to understand the close relationship that exists between how the ecosystems on our planet function, the decisions that we humans, consciously or unconsciously, take and which affect those ecosystems, and the consequences that has on our welfare

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