CarboSOIL is included in the project “Development of e-system CARBOSOIL to evaluate the carbon sequestration capacity of soils in Andalusia. Integrating factors to climate change mitigation in the MicroLEIS system” funded by Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MICINN) and developed with the participation of University of Seville.

The CarboSOIL model has been developed from a mathematical model that can predict the amount of carbon that can be stored in a type of soil depending on their physicochemical characteristics and land use (agriculture and forestry) suitable for that type soil.

Uses of CarboSOIL model

Reference Year
Spain M Muñoz Rojas (2012), Modelling soil carbon sequestration capacity in Mediterranean Soils, Edited by: University of Seville. Doctoral thesis. 2012
Spain M Muñoz-Rojas, A Jordán, L M Zavala, F A González-Peñaloza, D De la Rosa, R Pino-Mejias, and M Anaya-Romero (2013), Modelling soil
organic C stocks in climate change scenarios: a CarboSOIL model application Biogeosciences 10:,8253–8268.
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The CarboSOIL model is divided into four sub-models according to the different floor sections. CarboSOIL 25 (0-25 cm), CarboSOIL 50 (25-50 cm), CarboSOIL 75 (50-75 cm) and CarboSOIL TOTAL (0-75 cm).

Weather data

Average temperature of December, January and February ºC
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Average temperature of June, July and August ºC
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Annual rainfall mm
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Site data

Elevation m
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Slope %
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Soil properties

Nitrogen g/100 g
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Cation exchange capacity meq/100 g
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Sand g/100 g
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Clay g/100 g
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Field capacity
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Bulk density g/cc
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Use data

Land use